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One Hour HTML

The classic HTML course - now available in video. Learn the language of the web in just 60 minutes. Apply what you learn as you go, with the exclusive HTML Sketchpad.


undelete pictures

By card recovery
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spy software download

By Keylogger software
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Unlock My Wii Console

By gamer
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card file recovery

By card recovery offers comprehensive digital picture recovery software to rescue lost pictures from accidentally deleted hard disk partitions.


ModalPopup and disappearing dropdownlists

By Paul in Chicago
I had a strange issue with a modalpopup where the page containing the popup also contained multiple dropdownlist controls. The modalpopup displayed a data entry gridview. The modalpopup worked perfectly but there was an annoying problem where all the dropdownlist controls on the page containing the modalpopup disappeared when the popup was closed! This problem occured intermitently and could not be pinned down. This problem was extremely irritating and I couldn't find a patern to what made it happen. The containing page would display normally most times the modalpopup was closed, then at some point, all of the dropdownlist controls on the containing page would fail to appear when the modalpopup was closed. This behavior only seemed to affect dropdownlist controls. After some research a fix was found at by Jason Hill ( Apparently this issue only seems to occur in IE6. This workaround applies a change to the javascript in ModalPopupBehavior.js. To make the change you have to open the AjaxControlToolkit project and edit this javascript which can be found in the ModalPopup folder. I opened up the AjaxControlToolkit in Visual Studio 2005 and edited ModalPopupBehavior.js. I commented out the original restoreTab: code and dropped in Jason's version: restoreTab : function() { /// *summary> /// Restore the tab indices so we tab through the page like normal /// (and restore SELECT tags in IE6) /// for (var i = 0; i < this._saveTabIndexes.length; i++) { this._saveTabIndexes[i].tag.tabIndex = this._saveTabIndexes[i].index; } //IE6 Bug with SELECT element always showing up on top if (this._isIE6) { // Hack for issue with IE6 postback not restoring dropdowns correctly - JH tagElements = document.getElementsByTagName('SELECT'); for (var k = 0 ; k < tagElements.length; k++) { tagElements[k].style.visibility = 'inherit'; i++; } // for (var k = 0 ; k < this._saveDesableSelect.length; k++) { // this._saveDesableSelect[k] = this._saveDesableSelect[k].visib; // } } }, I then did a rebuild of the AjaxControlToolkit solution and copied the new .dll file into my project bin folder. When I rebuilt my project the modalpopup worked perfectly with no disappearing dropdownlist controls. Since this application is part of an intranet in an IE only shop I didn't do any testing in any other browser such as Firefox.


SelectedIndexChanged not firing properly in UpdatePanel

By Paul in Chicago
I ran into a head scratcher today when AJAX enabling a cascading series of DropDownLists. The UpdatePanel contained a trigger for the SelectedIndexChanged event of each dropdownlist. When a selection was made from the first dropdownlist the first time after the page loaded the SelectedIndexChanged event fired correctly. However, if another selection was made, the SelectedIndexChanged event did not fire. In fact, after the first successful event, no other event from any control within the UpdatePanel would fire! After a lot of google searches I found the answer. My dropdownlists were located in table cells. The UpdatePanel wrapped the table rows containing the dropdownlists. Apparently, this html is not well-formed. The UpdatePanel seems to require that all html it contains be well formed. In this case the table tags were outside the UpdatePanel. After an adjustment to the page layout to bring the table tags inside the UpdatePanel all the SelectedIndexChanged events started to fire properly.


recover flash drives

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Traffic Spurt

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Pixelrig - watermark your images!

By Paul Whitworth
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